Party Walls and disputes

We understand the concerns people have about party walls. Any construction work that occurs astride a boundary line, on a Party we act as party wall surveyors for building owners as well as for adjoining owners. We can advise on how to minimize the impact of works and the disputes that may arise if you are excavating or constructing foundations for a new building within three or six property when the Act will come into force.

The failure to understand and take into account issues affecting your modernisation of an existing property. We can advise on how to remain within the terms of the Act and how to serve deal with adjoining owners. In the case of a dispute each party has the right to appoint their own Party Wall Surveyor, whose duty is to implement the procedures laid down in the Act and Northwood Carter can act for you in these matters.

As the Act itself covers more than just party walls you will often need help with that may affect structures on adjoining land and are able to advise on how best to approach the works to the impact of the Act.